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Although Australian Open 2018 was as usual rich in surprises, it did not become either the decline of the old era, nor the dawn of a new era. In the women’s form of the program, Caroline Wozniacki won and became the world’s first racket, and the unfading Roger Federer celebrated the men’s victory.
The Same Old Way
This victory means that in women’s tennis the period of the very timelessness continues, i.e., the pretender to the throne succeed each other in turn for a long time. Over the past 52 weeks, the title passed from hand to hand nine times, and the first rackets managed to visit seven tennis players during this time. If you want to know about australian open prize money – click here.
In men’s tennis, the opposite is true. Federer, like the Dane, has gained the throne recently, and his 20th triumph confirmed the thesis that the time of the great trio Djokovic-Nadal-Federer was far from over. If you add to the trio Andy Murray, who diluted the great trio for a short time, it turns out that the title of the first racket of the world is in safe hands since February 2, 2004!
Roger Federer is a noteworthy person. The thirty-six-year-old Swiss won three of the last four Grand Slam tournaments in which he participated, caught up Roy Emerson and Novak Djokovic (6 titles each) with the number of victories at the australian open and came close to the women’s trio, holding (so far) the number of wins in the tournament! Steffi Graf has 22 titles, Serena Williams – 23, and Margaret Court, who won 24 victories in the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments in the period 1960-1975, leads the list. But in the period from 2012 to 2016, Roger failed to do this once in no more than 17 (!!!) attempts!
As you can see, if one of the best tennis players ever does not stop there, then he has all chances to catch up with the leaders in the same year! Why only in the next? It seems that Roger, who again found the formula for success, will miss something (like Wimbledon?!). It is necessary to leave some other tournaments to other great ones!
Federer in Melbourne
And specifically now Federer looks very cool in Melbourne, almost without giving a real chance to any of the rivals. Only in the final with Cilic, Roger had serious problems, and before that, the brave Swiss did not give anybody a set. Many hoped that Chhun Hyung, who had done a rustle, could do something, but in the second set, with a score of 1-0 on sets and 5-2 in the set, the Korean, who had already been christened as the second Djokovic, was forced to “leave the race.”


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